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Pearl Pedersen

The Jonikat boys

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A few pictures from our December meeting at the Look About Lodge on December 7, 2019

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday

The Hess kids

"Trick or Treat" 2019

The Geith boys

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Puppy Match March 8, 2020

Dock Diving July 21, 2019

Did you ever meet Pearl? She is somewhat of a celebrity with our club. Here is why ......
Pearl has been invited to the first National FastCAT Invitational to be held December 9 - 11, 2020. The AKC invites only the fastest dog per breed. It will be televised on AKCTV.
She has also been selected to be one of only 10 dogs to be interviewed for ESPN2, which will air in December.
Pearl's life is a Cinderella story:
Pearl is a rescue dog, she was adopted 2 years ago, and just had her 3rd birthday on October 7.
Pearl is AKC registered "My Uncatchable Wicked Wench", BCAT.
She is the #1 Berner in the country in FastCAT --- she ran the 100yd course in 8.03sec/25.47mph!
Nancy, we are very proud of your girl! Congratulations !!!


​November 17 (2015)  -  Pepper Hayko

​December 2 (2012)  -  Elsa Carlson
December 14 (2015)  -  Ozzy Hayko
December 15 (2017)  Jake Geith
December 22 (2015)  -  BoBo Hayko
December 24 (2014)  -  Stewart Hayko
December 26 (2010)  -  Kali Studer


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