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January 10 (2009)  -  Anabelle Shaw
January 7 (2017)  -  Viggo Hayko
January 7 (2017)  -  Telly Hayko

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Membership Meetings:

Hi Everyone…due to the ongoing winter storm warmings and lake effect snow early Sunday, we are cancelling tomorrow’s club meeting. We will definitely reschedule Doris Straka for one of our future meetings.
Stay warm and be safe!

*** Sunday January 20th, 2019,  2 PM: 

Will be held at the Chestnut shelter in the River Grove Recreation Area located on Chagrin River Road (Rt.174).

did you ever want to know what your dogs were thinking, how they were feeling or what they wanted to tell you?  If  you are curious about how animals communicate with people and what they would like to say, you will want to attend our next club meeting on animal communication. Our guest speaker, Doris Straka, is an animal communicator who has an ability to understand animals’ feeling and thoughts. She has been able to help people better understand their pets in the following ways…understanding pet personality problems, overcoming bad habits, identifying sources of pain and discomfort, knowing likes and dislikes and identifying the causes of changes in behavior or the source of odd behavior.  If you are interested, following the presentation you can have a private reading with Doris and your dog. This would be at a cost of  $50 (normal price would be $75).

Tom will be grilling brats and hot dogs afterwards.  Please bring along a potluck dish to share.  (Adult beverages are permitted at the shelter).
Looking forward to seeing you at what should be an interesting and fun meeting.


Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday

*** Sunday, March 10, 2019

Puppy Match at the Canine Affair Center

(details will follow)


North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

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