Amrene and Wayne Smith had to had to say good-bye to their beloved Cairo.  She has fought a brave battle, but it was not enough.  We feel for you, Amrene and Wayne ....

January 10 (2009)  -  Anabelle Shaw
January 7 (2017)  -  Viggo Hayko
January 7 (2017)  -  Telly Hayko

Photos by Mark Baer

Our hearts go out to the Syroney family for the loss of their beloved Heidi.  Our deepest heartfelt sympathy.

*** Sunday, January 21, 2018, 2-5PM:

At the Chestnut Shelter in the River Grove Picnic Area off Chagrin River Road (Coincidentally, it also happens to be National Squirrel Appreciation Day!)  Bring your family, all of them ---- and a dish to share with the rest of us.  Be prepared to have a most wonderful time!


*** Sunday, February 18, 2018, 2-5PM: 

“Introduction to Barn Hunt” to be held from 2-5 PM at “Barns and Noses” in Kirtland, Ohio


*** Sunday, March 11th – “NCBMDCO Annual Puppy Match” to be held at Canine Affair Center in Chesterland, Ohio

(More detailed information regarding each meeting will be forthcoming in the near future.)

From Nancy Pedersen:

This is Sadie, AKC reg.  "Crosswind Snow Mist", bred by our own Dale and Mary Sparks. 
Sadie will be 8 on Febuary 1, 2018. She is currently the #7 Berner in the country in FastCAT (quite and accomplishment for a 7 year old Berner).
She runs the course at 16.68mph!! I am so proud of her!!

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A Happy New Year 2018

Frost Bite in Dogs

You may want to read about this, since it's been so cold here lately.   Don't forget the paw wax!

Congratulations !

from all of us to all of you

Membership Meetings:


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From Nancy Pedersen:
Pearl,  AKC reg.  "My Uncatchable Wicked Wench", BCAT.
Pearl is my rescue dog that I have had for 11 months. I got her from Vilma last January. Pearl was 2 on October 19, 2017.
Pearl is the #1 Berner in the country in FastCAT.. you can also see this info on the AKC website under Events.
 She ran the 100 yd course in 8.03sec/25.47mph 

BCAT is Pearl's first title!

Congratulations, Nancy - this is quite an accomplishment for the girls!  How proud you must be of them!

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday

Photos by Mark Baer


North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

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