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From Nancy Pedersen:
Pearl,  AKC reg.  "My Uncatchable Wicked Wench", BCAT.
Pearl is my rescue dog that I have had for 11 months. I got her from Vilma last January. Pearl was 2 on October 19, 2017.
Pearl is the #1 Berner in the country in FastCAT.. you can also see this info on the AKC website under Events.
 She ran the 100 yd course in 8.03sec/25.47mph 

BCAT is Pearl's first title!

Congratulations, Nancy - this is quite an accomplishment for the girls!  How proud you must be of them!

Congratulations !

Amrene and Wayne Smith had to had to say good-bye to their beloved Cairo.  She has fought a brave battle, but it was not enough.  We feel for you, Amrene and Wayne ....

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday

Photos by Mark Baer


Gretzky Atkian Congratulating Sadie on such an awesome accomplishment !!

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Photos by Mark Baer


April 2 (2014)  -  Balto Jonikat
April 10 (2010)  -  Sancho Koludrovich
April 14 (2015)  -  Yanni Jonikat

Our hearts go out to the Syroney family for the loss of their beloved Heidi.  Our deepest heartfelt sympathy. 

And now ---- they've lost their beloved Greta just recently!  

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Syroney family during this difficult time.

Membership Meetings:

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Photos from the Berner Garde meeting

at the “Look About Lodge" on April 15, 2018.  


*** Sunday, May 20, 2018

Drafting Workshop.

The Bernese Mountain Dogs were bred to work - to help their owners with hauling those large milk containers down the Alps in carts.  And these guys love to pull -----

Here is some information on drafting (carting)



***Saturday/Sunday, June 9/10, 2018

Working Dog Weekend at Lake Farm Park

--More information will be posted later--

From Nancy Pedersen:

This is Sadie, AKC reg.  "Crosswind Snow Mist", bred by our own Dale and Mary Sparks. 
Sadie will be 8 on Febuary 1, 2018. She is currently the #7 Berner in the country in FastCAT (quite and accomplishment for a 7 year old Berner).
She runs the course at 16.68mph!! I am so proud of her!!

Our hearts go out to Sherry, who had adopted a very special lady, Piper.  After all this little girl had been through, she finally was able to relax and find peace in her forever home with Sherry and her crew.  At 12 years old, Piper could no longer hang on and peacefully went over the Rainbow Bridge .

RIP, sweet Piper

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