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April 2 (2014)  -  Balto Jonikat
April 10 (2010)  -  Sancho Koludrovich
April 14 (2015)  -  Yanni Jonikat

May 1 (2014)  -  Lilly Bayless
May 8 (....)  -  Ella Winchester
May 21 (2011)  -  Indy Holmes
May 30 (2015)  -  Macci and Weliela Kinley

*****   Please mark your calendars for these upcoming events:

*** Sunday, May 19th, 2019

Our next Membership meeting will be will be held at the Harper Ridge Picnic Area in Solon, Ohio.  Our Rescue Committee will conduct a program on “Rescue Education”.

In addition, we will honor those with rescues at this meeting an encourage all of them to attend. Those who have had rescues that have passed are encouraged to attend and bring along a photo. Later in the year Rescue would like to hold another event that would hopefully include other clubs.

***June 8 and 9, 2019: 

Working Dog Weekend at the Lake Farm Park

This is always a great weekend for the whole family to enjoy.   Please look us up at the park - we'll be there with our Berners to meet and greet !  See you there .....

***July 24, 2019: 

Woof Wednesday at De Bonne Vineyard
Hope to see you there. It’s a fun day!  Food will be provided.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

More information will be posted as soon as details become available!



North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

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Membership Meetings:

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday

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