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The latest photos have been uploaded to the page "Our Berners"

August 5 (2014)  -  Gracie Atkian
August 22 (2014)  -  Frankie Kinley
August 30 (....)  -  Bandit Winchester

October 3 (2013)  -  Mr. Bates (Shaw)
October 3 (2013)  -  Rio Gedeon

Congratulations !

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Membership Meetings:

Lost dog - let's help to get him home --- 

Keep your calendars clear for the following:

Saturday, November 19th

Annual Meeting at Joan Holmes residence, Pepper Pike , Ohio
Sunday, January 22nd
Sunday, February 26th
Sunday, March 26th – Puppy Match

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday


North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

Sunday, October 16, 2016, 2PM:

Kinley Training Center
8276 Proctor Rd. Leroy Twp.,Ohio

Maria (Missy) Wright will be our guest speaker at this Sunday's meeting. She will talk about the value of good nutrition and supplements for your dogs diet.
Missy Wright has been a professional groomer and dog trainer for 40+ years.
Missy became interested in canine health due to the many health issues facing Bernese Mtn. Dogs.   She began researching the use of supplements (and dog foods) to hopefully increase the longevity of the BMD. 
Missy  runs her own grooming shop (Creative Canine in Madison, Ohio)
and continues her interest in diet and herbal supplements. Missy has raised
many healthy Berners for more than 30 + years. Come hear what she has to say about them.
Hope you can join us!