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July 21, 2019, Dock Diving

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Hi Everyone,
Our Regional Specialty is fast approaching. The Judging Programs for the 4 day Steel Valley Cluster All Breed Dog Show have been published. Below is the time schedule when our Berners will be in the show ring. We will be Ring 2 on the Canfield Fairgrounds each day.
Thursday, Aug, 4th: 1PM Judge: Paul Willhauck
Friday, Aug. 5th: 9:45 AM Judge: Sharol Candace Way
Saturday Aug. 6th: NCBMDCO Specialty
Puppy & Veteran Sweepstakes: 8:30 AM Judge: Dee
Specialty: 9:45 AM Judge: Abby Patrizio
Sunday, Aug, 7th: 8:00 AM Judge: Kim Meredith
We hope to see many of you there…especially at our Regional Specialty. It’s a fun day…especially watching our beautiful breed in the show ring.
Pot Luck items needed!!!
We still have a need for pot luck items for our Hospitality luncheon. Please let me know if you can help in any way. A suggested list of items is shown below.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
Thank you!
Don't miss this important event! Please come out and support the club and all Berner people. Come cheer everyone on, and stop by at the many vendors. And bring your cameras! You will not see so many Berners in one place very often, and this event provides! See you all there ......

August 6, 2022:   Canfield Specialty!

See flyer below for information

These and many other items are available in our STORE

​​Please Mark your calendars for these future


*September:  – Dock Diving possible
*October:​   – Puppy Match date to be determined

March 8, 2020, Puppy Match

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday:


North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

December 4, 2021, Meeting

March 13, 2022, Olympics

Don't forget to stop by our STORE once in a while.  If you haven't been there lately, you will be surprised by the variety of merchandise to be had  -  there is always someone's birthday !

MayDay 2022

August 3 (2010)  -  Cheers Konicki
August 5 (2014)  -  Gracie Atkian
August 22 (2014)  -  Frankie Kinley
August 30 (....)  -  Bandit Winchester