Scent/Nose work March 12, 2023

Did you know:
If you have a pacemaker, you can put it in your Will to have your pacemaker donated to a dog in need after you pass. Pacemakers cannot be donated to another human, but they can be donated to dogs with cardiac issues who would depend on it to stay alive.
You can have the pacemaker brought to a vet of your choice. So many of those get thrown away and dogs die because people don't know they can do this. It even saves the dog's owner the cost of the actual pacemaker which sometimes means the difference in being able to afford lifesaving treatment or not.

Trick Day January 15, 2023

July 21, 2019, Dock Diving

March 13, 2022, Olympics

 puppy match!  

March 8, 2020, Puppy Match

Don't forget to stop by our STORE once in a while.  If you haven't been there lately, you will be surprised by the variety of merchandise to be had  -  there is always someone's birthday !

December 4, 2022 Meeting

Our Draft Workshop on Sunday, June 4, 2023  was held at Lost Meadows Picnic Area | Cleveland Metroparks



North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

Wishing all of our Berners a happy birthday:

Membership Meetings:

We want everyone to know that xylitol is now being labeled as
 "Birch Sugar"
This is a sweetener used in food, most commonly in peanut
butter and candy.
It is VERY toxic to dogs.
Keep your pups safe.

Draft Clinic May 4, 2024

Atlas Canine/Jessica Huffmaster owner. Jessica did a great job today as you can see by her video

***Wednesday, June 19, 2024,  5 - 8PM:  Come join us for "Woof Wednesday" at Debonne Winery in Madison !  As in the past, this is a fundraiser for our club, as Debonne's supports Berner rescue.   Bring yourself and your 4-foots for food and drink at the outdoor picnic area.  Don't forget your dog's water bowl.

***August 1 - 4, 2024 Steel Valley Dog Show Cluster at the Canfield Fairgrounds.  NCBMDCO Specialty/Sweepstakes will be held on Saturday, August 3.  Other days will be supported entries.  Fairground Map.

***Sunday, September 15, 2024  -  Membership Meeting.  Program - feeding raw.  Location to be determined.

***Sunday, October 13, 2024  -  Puppy Match at the Canine Affair Center

December 4, 2021, Meeting

Thank you, Kelly, for a wonderful job at this meeting!  Very informative and entertaining, indeed!

MayDay 2022

June 22 (2021)  -  BJ  Jonikat


Wonder what they told Santa on September 11 ?

Information on the mushrooms that were discussed on April 14

Puppy Match October 23, 2022

These and many other items are available in our STORE