Rescue Committee:

Sherry Gedeon (Chair)

Vilma Briggs

Jeannie Bussey

Kristin Shaw

Kelley Neill

Nancy Pedersen

Kiri is looking for her forever home. She would prefer a quieter home. She is fine with dogs that aren’t too pushy. She is just learning about the world and will need an owner who is patient with her and allows her to make progress at her own pace. She has had some medical tests regarding her drinking too much water but nothing has shown up positive as yet. So she will need someone who is home most of the time and can allow her access to the outside to relieve herself frequently (about every three hours). She is very friendly with people. In doors Kiri is very respectful but curious. She does not go on furniture and prefers a quiet place to rest. She is approximately 5 years old. Kiri has a lot of energy and will require a hard fenced yard as she does get frightened easily with new noises. She would like someone to love her and make up for that which she hasn’t gotten until recently.
For serious inquiries, please fill out an application form and mail it to our rescue chair person.

If you have a dog in need of immediate assistance, either rescue or rehome, please contact Rescue at   or 330-673-8230

These are some of our placed rescues.

Here's Sweetie off to her new home on Saturday.   She's living in Pennsylvania now and has a cat or two for four legged company.


This is Draco/Ernie - the little guy who had the heart defect from last year.   All grown up  at nearly 1 year and doing just fine.

It takes a lot of people for a rescue to work.   Our dedicated people at times travel great distances, we foster and care for every darling that becomes our charge, arrange for grooming, vet visits, teach them, socialize them, do home checks of prospective new forever homes, conduct interviews, and - in general - work very hard to find a perfect forever home. 

We appreciate the foster families who find it in their hearts to take these wonderful animals into their homes to become part of their families and get them ready for their forever homes!  It is the love for our Berners that guides us in the most satisfying adventure together.  It truly takes a village ------  Thank you !

We want to express our deepest appreciation to 'Doc' Rick Broz whose determination was so instrumental to the rescue of Piper.   Without him, she would never have been caught.

He took the time to join us at the September 20 meeting, and it was a sheer pleasure to have met this incredible man.

Thank you, Doc !


North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio