North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio

It takes a lot of people for a rescue to work.   Dedicated people at times travel great distances, foster and care for every darling, arrange for grooming, vet visits, teach them, socialize them, do home checks of prospective new forever homes, conduct interviews, and - in general - work very hard to find a perfect forever home. 

We appreciate the foster families who find it in their hearts to take these wonderful animals into their homes to become part of their families and get them ready for their forever homes!  It truly takes a village  ----  that's why it is with a very heavy heart to have to report that our rescue group has been disbanded - our volunteers have either retired, or just can't afford the time necessary due to other full-time commitments .

The groups outlined above will do their utmost to help you with any owner/surrenders in finding a perfect forever home, or find your newest, and most perfect, family member.

These are some of our placed rescues.

It is with great sadness to let you all know that Piper has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge ...... Here is her mom's latest report:

March 6, 2018:
LAST PIPER UPDATE – Piper has spent these last four months fighting a battle she wasn’t going to win. However, she handled it just as she had everything else. She was a fighter to the end. The lymphoma had just taken over her whole body and left large swollen places. It also was taking all her food and she had lost so very much weight. She never complained and kept up her usual daily routines. Other than eating, most of all she enjoyed laying out in the snow sniffing the breezes and doing her walkabouts in the yard or requesting butt rubs in her quiet way. She was also having a lot of trouble breathing with all the swelling in her chest and neck. I debated for a week or more about what was best for her. After all she was still eating. But she was also having more trouble getting up and down and sleeping nearly all the time. At 12 years of age she was an elderly Bernese for sure. Though I still second guess myself, I did make the decision for her on 2/21/18. She was such a sweet dog with really only one bad habit. She graced our lives for nearly three years and we enjoyed every minute she was here. I learned a lot from her about leadership as she became the matron of my pack once she was healthy and remained so. She didn’t expend a lot of energy doing so but used her brains and bark occasionally. She had a way about her that I can’t put into words. Sweet and unassuming but strong and determined in a soft way. My dogs have not wanted to go into the living room where she usually slept unless I’m in there now. I think they are missing their leader. I know that I am and always will. Sweet Piper see you at the bridge one day.
Sherry Gedeon 

Kineo in Maine

Here's Sweetie off to her new home on Saturday.   She's living in Pennsylvania now and has a cat or two for four legged company.

Tucker has found a wonderful forever home in Michigan - have a great life, Tucker !!

This is Draco/Ernie - the little guy who had the heart defect from last year.   All grown up  at nearly 1 year and doing just fine.

UPDATE:  His parents informed us that they had to say good bye to this sweet boy ..... Heaven gained another angel and he will be so missed 

In July of 2010, Sherry helped us adopt Molly.  (See attached image from the Success Story doc.)
She was a very loving (and loved) girl.  At dogs parks, she was all about making the rounds to say HI to the humans.
We moved from a small house/small yard in Berea (where her favorite place was on the 2nd story deck to look out at the world) to a small house/big yard in Berea - we joke that it was 'for the dogs,' but it really kinda of was.  Molly loved the extra room to roam, as she always had a wild side.
We feel very fortunate that we were able to adopt her.
Unfortunately, this past week we had her put to sleep.  We are pretty sure she had some type of cancer (most likely bone, as she was really favoring one leg that had absolutely no sign of any type of injury) that seemed to spread quickly.  When she was no longer doing all her normal, silly stuff, we knew it was time.

I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You for letting her be part of our family.

Please note:

The North Coast Club's Rescue Program is no longer active!   If you have a dog in need of immediate assistance, either rescue or rehome, please contact   

• Heart of Michigan Bernese Mountain Dog Club (Michigan)
April Van Buren

•Third Tyme Rescue
Vilma Briggs

If you have any questions or comments to any of the above, please contact us at northcoastbmd@gmail.com