North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio


The North Coast Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Ohio is a group of Bernese Mountain Dog Owners and enthusiasts from all over Ohio and surrounding states.   We are a diverse group of individuals that share one common bond  --  we LOVE our Berners !   We have a passion for our faithful and furry friends.  Our organization gives us the opportunity to connect with others who love this majestic breed as much we do.  
We strive to learn more about our Berners through club meetings, events, dog shows and through our most valued resource ..  each other !
Many of our members are involved in conformation, rally, agility, obedience, drafting, therapy work and much more.
Whether you are interested in sport or fun, you have found a home with us!
Visit us often to find information on meetings, to which everyone, no matter how far away you have come, is wholeheartedly invited;  events, gatherings, and anything in-between!  We'll always have room for you - guaranteed !!

Website:   Hanne Jonikat

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Board Members at large

Liz Geith

Carolyn Kinley

Committee Chairs

Public Education:   Maria Lofgren

                                 Gary Lofgren

Show:   Sherry Gedeon     

Club Officers

President:     Candy Konicki

Vice President:    Joan Atkian

Corresponding Secretary:    Nancy Pedersen

Recording Secretary:   Sherry Gedeon

Treasurer:    Tom Atkian

Advertising:   Tom Atkian


Annual Awards:   Kris Hayko

Breeder Referral:   Wendy Hess

Hospitality:   Vicki/Rick Zaborowski


Legislative Liaison:   Joan Holmes

Librarian/Historian:   Joan Atkian

Membership Roster:   Tom Atkian

Puppy Match:   Nancy Pedersen (chair)


Regional Club Council Rep:   Sherry Gedeon

Sunshine:   Mary Sparks

Trophies: Candy Konicki

                  Kris Hayko

                  Joan and Tom Atkian

Ways & Means:   Tom Atkian